"I like being close to the audience,...


...so they can see my face, and I can see theirs and we can react to one another in the pinnacle moments of the song. It’s important for me that the people listening feel included in the music.” ~Sunway

If you want to know something about Hawaii born singer Sunway, consider taking a look at her Facebook page. Having shared her wild and sometimes hilariously funny life in public on the social media site for the last 3 years, Sunway has gained a large and loyal following long before the eagerly anticipated release of her latest CD, "I'm Here."

It's this candidness that makes Sunway unique as her name, and allows her to be open in her music and to easily connect with her fans. She sings and writes about her personal experiences and her viewpoints on heartache and new beginnings. Her voice is strong and emotive and always pure and honest. Her ability to connect with her audiences in this way, whether onstage at venues in Honolulu, Japan, or Europe, on social media, like Facebook or Twitter, or on television as the sidekick and guest host of the Hawaii television show "NighTime with Andy Bumatai (2009)," Sunway interacts with the crowd.

After performing as the opening act for two sold out Adam Lambert concerts in 2010, Hawaii Star Advertiser columnist John Berger wrote:

"It wasn’t the mocking applause opening acts often get when they announce that they are finally going to get off the stage and make way for the headliner act that everyone paid their money to see. Not this time.... When Sunway sang, they sang along with her. When she pointed the microphone their way the Blaisdell Concert Hall went choral. And when she indicated she wanted them to clap along, clap they did."

Sunway is also no stranger to trying new things to engage her audience. Having released one of the first and most popular music videos recorded entirely on an iPhone 4, she gained even more fans of her music by releasing "The Boys Of Summer" in 2010 on the European Trust In Music Records label as a single and video download. The song was then picked up by Warner Bros. France and released on the compilation CD "California Groove III" and released throughout Europe along with artists like Hall and Oates, Carly Simon, Don Henley, and Toto.

In 2012 the long awaited new album by Sunway had arrived. Produced by Platinum Award winning composer/producer Joerg Alfter, “I’M HERE” is a collection of strong Pop/Rock songs, lyrically expressive and uncompromising. Collaborations with various artists and writers from Europe, Hawaii, and the mainland has led to a surprising variety of musical styles.

Currently, Sunway is actively performing and hard at work on a new recording project expected for release in late 2016.